Komono & Antwerp’s futuristic collaboration

Komono celebrated its renewed partnership with Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts fashion department with the release of three bold master students’ designs.  


Annemarie Saric 


Inspired by the concept cars of the late 70s and their aerodynamic qualities, Annemarie Saric’s futuristic-looking proposition (below) features a shaped lens and intricate temple detailing. Formed by a cut-out and collage technique of vintage car parts, the glasses are characterised by their sculptural effect. 



Karolina Widecka 


Investigating the duality between a fragile appearance and an extreme shape, Karolina Widecka’s design is inspired by ex votos and Mexican religious art, the glasses function as a token of protection for its wearer with its ‘broken glass’ upper bar. 


Florentina Leitner 


Florentina Leitner took to the 60s and its psychedelic art to create a pair of glasses that have been stretched and liquified to a vertigo or spiralling effect, paying tribute to art icons such as Peggy Guggenheim.

The collection is available through Komono’s website and flagship stores with a part of the proceeds going to Survived and Punished, a US-based organisation supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence. 




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