New device to fix retinal tears

US-based ophthalmic device manufacturer BVI has launched CryoTreq, a single-use, handheld cryo-surgery device it claims will “revolutionise” retinal tear and detachment treatment.


Developed in partnership with Professor Stanislao Rizzo, a retinal surgeon with the University of Florence, the CryoTreq functions without external connections to other equipment, gas tanks or power and does not require any service or maintenance, said BVI. "Within a minute of opening the sterile blister I am ready to treat retinal tears or detachment, whether I'm in my office or in the operating room,” said Prof Stanislao.


CryoTreq enables a minimally invasive ab externo approach to treat retinal tears and detachments, providing an alternative to laser photocoagulation, especially for lesions located towards the anterior of the eye, said BVI president Shervin Korangy. “CryoTreq will be a game changer. It requires minimal time for preparation, is easy and intuitive to use, with a hand-controlled, single button activation.”


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