SPONSORED: MyHealth1st launches managed advertising services

The COVID-19 pandemic has, to put it mildly, made things hard for businesses across New Zealand. Even with lockdown restrictions being eased and the world slowly returning to the new normal, consumer confidence is low, so making sure patients return to your practice is vital, not only for the financial wellbeing of your practice but for the eye health of your patients as well.


Since 1stGroup launched MyHealth1st in 2012, it has been dedicated to one mission - making it simple for patients to connect with practices to get the healthcare they need in a timely and effective manner. This mission statement drives all our efforts, from how we consistently improve our online booking process to the launch and support of new products and services. As such, expanding into helping practices succeed through digital advertising was a necessary step to ensure our goal of connecting patients with the eye health services they need.


At MyHealth1st, we understand the challenges that come with running an independent optometry practice because we work with thousands of practices just like yours, right around New Zealand and Australia. It’s because of this understanding of the needs of independent practices that we have developed our managed advertising service.


So what exactly are we offering? We will provide managed Google and social media advertising campaigns for all practices, with packages and offers being individually tailored to meet the needs of single practices and chains alike. Google advertising, an active social media presence and well targeted social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram are of vital importance when it comes to increasing the visibility of any practice.


An effectively managed Google advertising plan can help you climb to the top of search engine rankings, so you can reach more patients at every stage of the booking funnel, from patients researching symptoms to making the decision, to actively booking an appointment for an eye test, glasses or contact lens fitting or other consult. Our team has extensive experience planning, implementing and managing successful and cost-effective Google AdWords campaigns. We want to drive new patients to optical practices and a managed Google advertising service allows practices to monitor and measure the advertising spend and return on investment for each campaign.


A social media presence is vital, but there’s no point in putting money or effort into ads if they’re not being seen by the right people or the messaging is wrong. Managed social media advertising can plan and roll out campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and help practices reach the right people in the right areas to help you achieve your goals.


With a tailored Google and social media marketing campaign, you will be able to reach more patients in your area as well as re-engage with existing patients that may have been putting off visiting your practice due to Covid-19 fears. With our tailored, managed advertising services your messaging will be unique to your practice, speaking directly to your market, speeding your recovery after this time of economic uncertainty and differentiating your practice from your competitors.


For more go to www.myhealth1st.co.nz or www.myhealth1st.com.au/


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